Kranjska Gora, 11. September 2023

Press release: Trail running adventure in Kranjska Gora with stunning views and incredible atmosphere

Last weekend, Kranjska Gora hosted the largest Slovenian trail running event, I Feel Slovenia Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB, where more than 2,300 runners participated in 6 different distances, and were joined by just under 5,000 companions.

On Friday at 12:00 p.m., the bravest started from Kobarid on a 170 km long journey around Julian Alps, and at 9:00 p.m. in Radovljica they were joined by 100 km runners. On Saturday at 7:00 a.m., the 60 km runners started their running adventure in Žirovnica, while the 25 km, 15 km and 10 km runners set out on the circular routes around Kranjska Gora.

The youngest runners were also taken care of, who practically sprinted the entire route of the kids’ run across Kranjska Gora. Their smiles and enthusiasm, when they were able to wear one of their first running medals, are proof that the future of trail running is more than well taken care of.

Runners of all distances enjoyed the sunny weather with spectacular views of the highest Slovenian peaks, which in a unique way complemented the experience and running adventure. This year’s novelty was also the finish line in the very center of Kranjska Gora, which made for an even more magical atmosphere.

“The most difficult part of the journey was the climb to Stol, I tackled it very respectfully, because it is really difficult, and I felt a little sick when I climbed it. Then I ran quite nicely up the top, but at the end it’s always the hardest. Because it’s psychological and the end is coming,” said Ivan Hrastovec, the fastest 170 km runner after reaching the finish line, who needed less than 23 hours to cover 170 kilometers and more than 8,000 meters of elevation gain.

Runners from more than 60 different countries took part in this year’s event. Thus, Kranjska Gora and its surroundings hosted runners from all continents of the world, with the exception of Antarctica. The extremely high percentage of foreign runners further testifies to the attractiveness of Kranjska Gora and Julian Alps as destinations for trail running experiences. The total number of foreign runners and their companions approached 5,000 this weekend, which also represents an excellent promotion of Slovenia for active holidays. At the same time, the organizers welcomed another 2,000 local competitors and their companions to Kranjska Gora.


Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB 2023 results:

I Feel Slovenia Ultra Trail Julian Alps 170 km


  1. 1️. Fiona PASCALL (24:39:07)
  2. Esther FELLHOFER (28:45:17)
  3. Barbara JOLIĆ (30:56:13)
  4. Aleksandra MIELCZAREK (35:55:18)
  5. Dilara TUNA (38:24:40)


  1. Ivan HRASTOVEC (22:38:41)
  2. Kevin BIGGS (24:45:50)
  3. Fernando ALVAREZ (27:48:43)
  4. Honza VAŇKÁT (27:59:31)
  5. Ivan MONTES LOMBAO (28:03:09)

Ultra Sky Trail 100 km


  1. 1️. Juliane RÖSSLER (13:19:37)
  2. Lenka HIKLOVÁ (13:46:44)
  3. Tajda KNAFELJ (13:56:09)
  4. Cornelia OSWALD (14:45:10)
  5. Anna LIPP (15:02:20)


  1. Aleksander BADOWSKI (11:25:18)
  2. Markus MINGO (11:36:37)
  3. Alexandros KARYKAS (11:40:56)
  4. Mauro ROTA (11:41:05)
  5. Matthew HEALY (11:41:10)


Sky Trail 60 km


  1. Sabine WURMSAM (07:37:10)
  2. Barbora CICHÁ (07:46:40)
  3. Olivia TAYLOR (08:23:00)
  4. Jaroslava JEŽKOVÁ (08:37:40)
  5. Joanna PIĄTEK (08:38:41)



  1. Tobias GEISER (06:06:26)
  2. Janez KLANCNIK (06:13:29)
  3. Andrei Gabriel DRAGAN (06:23:20)
  4. Andreas DÜRR (06:32:58)
  5. Simone VIGOLO (06:46:47)


Kranjska Gora Trail Run 25 km


  1. Marguerite RICHART (02:16:30)
  2. Kitty POSZTÓS (02:17:28)
  3. Barbora MARKOVA (02:21:09)
  4. Katja BABIČ (02:25:22)
  5. Daniela VALGIMIGLI (02:28:03)


  1. Szabo SANDOR (01:50:53)
  2. Dimitri CHAPELLE (01:54:58)
  3. Edoardo ROSSANO (01:56:34)
  4. Athanasios PAGOUNADIS (01:57:02)
  5. Aleš SVETINA (01:58:01)


Intersport Speed Trail 15km


  1. Sabina LAVRIČ (01:33:20)
  2. Lena LUPŠA (01:35:43)
  3. Carmen MAIER (01:41:11)
  4. Mirjam PETRAČ (01:43:16)
  5. Sandra BERTONCELJ (01:44:15)


  1. Tobias PLATTNER (01:17:31)
  2. Sebastian SCHURL (01:23:26)
  3. Karl KIRCHHEIMER (01:25:13)
  4. Riccardo GAMBARETTO (01:27:20)
  5. Jurij ROŽANEC (01:28:19)


Funny Trail 10 km


  1. Maruša CIJAN BRKIČ (00:51:11)
  2. Martina R.ZABKAR (01:00:57)
  3. Kateřina VALENTINOVÁ (01:02:34)
  4. Marta IEGOROVA (01:03:57)
  5. Veronika JAKEŠOVÁ (01:05:02)


  1. Aleksander BAYER (00:51:06)
  2. Gergő SIMÁK (00:51:10)
  3. Matjaž PODVEZ (00:51:22)
  4. Boris VOGRINEC (00:52:23)
  5. Marcel ŠUBIC (00:54:47)


The only Slovenian event in the prestigious world series

Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB connects the Julian Alps and the destinations of Kobarid, Radovljica, Žirovnica and Kranjska Gora, which is also the central venue of the event, in one event.

For the second year, the event represented Slovenia in the elite series in the world of trail running, the UTMB World Series, which brings together 35 of the most prestigious trail running events from around the world. This puts Slovenian trail running and Kranjska Gora alongside iconic outdoor events and destinations such as the Lavaredo Ultra Trail in the Italian Dolomites and the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France.

Luka Hren, event organizer:

“This year’s edition was really a great success, so that the runners experienced the Julian Alps in a really beautiful light. We are proud to have shown our beautiful Slovenia to foreign runners in an excellent way. But I believe that local runners have also discovered some new idyllic running spots. At the end of the event, I would really like to thank the entire team, more than 200 volunteers, as well as many alpine associations, mountain rescuers and everyone who participated in this year’s event. It is not easy to hold such an event in such a large space, but with a good team, even such challenges are achievable. See you again in September 2024!”