Jahorina Ultra Trail


22 – 23 July 2023

It is the first time that Jahorina ULTRA race will take part in two countries, Serbia and BiH. Crossing boundaries and connecting landscapes.



In the ninth edition of the Jahorina Ultra trail, the top 10 from the ULTRA race and the top 5 runners from the MAXI race qualify for the unique MASTERS race.

The most demanding race of the Jahorina’s trail spectacle starts at Tjentište, in the heart of the Dolina Heroja, across Trnovačko jezero, Bojanski vrat, Volujka, and Lebršnik, from which beautiful views of Tjentište, Sutjeska, Bioč and Zelengora are displayed. The route of the 150-kilometer long race leads to the Kotlanica and Štirinsko jezero, but also to the highest peak of Treskavica, Đokov toranj, at 2,086 meters above sea level, from where the big ascent to the Jahorina Olympic mountain begins, towards the finish line on the Poljica trail. The MASTERS race crosses the highest and most demanding mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the alpine landscape and, therefore, is intended for participants with the best, previous track results, behind which are hidden the greatest efforts and immeasurable trail experience.

The Dolina Heroja (Valley of Heroes) is waiting for you!

Date: 30 September 2023
Distance: 150 km
Elevation: 5000 m + /  –
Time limit: 

ULTRA – 140K (AATC – XL)

2022 Edition of Jahorina Ultra Trail brings novel changes as you are about to cross boundaries and connect landscapes of TWO countries – SERBIA and BiH. Our toughest course stretches from Serbia over the most beautiful mountains in the TARA region and ends at Jahorina, BiH in a length of 130 kilometers.

Your run starts at Mokra Gora, the most beautiful village in the world declared by UN World Tourism Organization. You are climbing the second-highest peak on Tara mountain – Iver and from there working your way over Tara hills and towards the border. On your way you will pass through the Andric city tourist site and cross the famous Bridge on Drina, which was in the center of a historical novel by the Yugoslav Nobel writer Ivo Andric. From here you will be traversing through beautiful BiH landscapes, deep forests, mountains and valleys with several breathtaking views.

The last section, always a tough ascent on Gola Jahorina, spectacular views of surrounding peaks and descent from the top to the finish line.

Date: 22 July 2023
Distance: 140 km
Elevation: 5000 m + /  –
Time limit: 35 hours

MAXI – 70K (AATC – M)

MAXI is intended for more experienced trail runners as well as those who are trying to enter the ULTRA space for the first time. 

The race starts in Rogatica, a small city surrounded by a beautiful landscape. You can expect an unforgettable region, deep forests, valleys, small villages. And lot’s of sheep :). You will pass some of the memorable historical places, such as Novak’s cave, until you reach Romanija slopes. From there, it’s a somewhat more familiar path, connecting Romanija and Jahorina mountain until you reach the Gola Jahorina plateau. 

Nature at its best – that’s what this course is all about.

Date: 22 July 2023
Distance: 72 km
Elevation: 2200 m + /  –
Time limit: 16 hours

MIDI – 27K (AATC – S)

MIDI is becoming our signature course. It’s a real treat for trail runners and enthusiasts who want a challenging race, full of diverse landscapes. 

The race starts in front of Rajska Dolina Hotel, at Jahorina Mountain. From there, you will work your way to the top of the mountain, where the rewarding views are awaiting. The course runs through Gola Jahorina plateau, one of the most interesting parts of the mountain, to Praca descent. The single track, narrow forest paths are all present in this section until you reach the Praca spring, famous for supplying Sarajevo and near cities with fresh water. Through the deep forests, you will reach the final ascent before the finish line.

Are you up for the MIDI challenge?

Date: 22 July 2023
27 km
Elevation: 1200 m + / –
Time limit: 8 hours

MINI – 10K (AATC – XS)

MINI Course is our little gem. Intended for families, companies and people who don’t have a lot of miles under their belt, however, still want to feel the thrill of the trail running.​

The course starts and finishes at the top of the Jahorina Mountain, in front of Olimp bar, to be precise. The transport to the top of the mountain is secured by the newest Gondola Poljice, and is included in the entry ticket.

The course traverses over the top of the mountain, the part called Gola Jahorina, a plateau 15 km long and 5 km wide. It is the main, highest, and, at the same time, the most interesting part of the mountain, covered with thick grass in summer and up to 3m of snow in winter.

​From the peaks of Gola Jahorina, the view stops around the complexes of the nearby mountains: Zvijezda, Ozren, Romania, Klek, Borovac, Treskavica and Bjelasnica. Further, all the way on the horizon, you can see the contours of distant mountains: Konjuh, Javor, Zlatibor, Zlatar, Javornik, Ljubicnja, Durmitor, Maglica, Volujak, Zelengora, Lelija, Vranice and Vlasic mountains. The rugged ridges of the mountains give one an unforgettable memory.​

It’s easy, but not even a bit less attractive trail that is perfect for runners, who are still getting to know trail running.

Date: 23 July 2023
10 km
Elevation: 200 m + / m –
Time limit: 5 hours