The Jahorina Ultra Trail 2023 marked the ninth edition of this prestigious race, where participants once again confronted the challenges of incredible trails in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s nature, on the Olympic beauty of Jahorina. This year, the now traditional four races enriched the runners’ experience: MINI, MIDI, MAXI, and ULTRA, providing them with diverse challenges and opportunities to achieve personal records. The MINI race, covering a distance of 10 kilometers, served as a perfect introduction to the event.

The start and finish of this race were situated on the magnificent Jahorina, and runners felt the excitement of racing through enchanting landscapes. In the end, Boris Stanojević from Pala stood out as the winner among men with a time of 01:00:28, while Nevena Jovanović secured first place among women with a time of 01:00:50. The MIDI race, spanning a distance of 31 kilometers, attracted participants from different countries and posed a significant challenge for many. Đuro Bordelj from Serbia excelled among men with an impressive time of 02:54:16, while Aja Kozinc from Slovenia reigned supreme among women with an impressive time of 03:31:30. The MAXI race, covering a demanding distance of 78 kilometers, brought a new level of challenge. Janez Klačnik from Slovenia showcased remarkable endurance and speed with a time of 10:23:25, while Poula Vrdoljak finished with a time of 12:07:20, dominating among women. The longest and most demanding race, the ULTRA race on a 140-kilometer track, emerged as the ultimate test of endurance. Pavle Kruljac achieved an outstanding time of 19:04:13, while Nela Lazaravić bravely crossed the finish line with a time of 31:40:33, being the only woman to successfully complete this challenging course.

This year’s Jahorina Ultra Trail also previewed an exciting conclusion – the 150-kilometer Masters race, scheduled for September 30th. The top nine runners from the ULTRA and the top nine from the MAXI races will come together to challenge each other and test their limits. In the final battle for a brand new Škoda car, this race promises an unforgettable spectacle and tension until the very end.

The Jahorina Ultra Trail not only provided runners with the opportunity to compete and achieve outstanding results, but also enabled them to acquaint themselves with the untouched nature and stunning landscapes of the Jahorina and Romanija mountains. This event is more than just a race; it’s a chance for exploration and connection with nature, a true experience that runners value above all else