As we gear up for the upcoming trail running season, we’re thrilled to share some exciting updates about the Europe Trail Cup 2024.

New Horizons:

In our continuous pursuit of growth and inclusivity, we’re delighted to announce that Slovakia and Serbia have joined the Europe Trail Cup community, expanding our horizons beyond the Alpe-Adriatic region. Our league proudly unites trail running enthusiasts from Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Macedonia.

League Evolution:

The Europe Trail Cup is not just a series of races; it’s a celebration of diverse trail running communities coming together. We encourage you to spread the word and share the excitement with your fellow runners, family, and friends.

Save the Dates:

Mark your calendars for the exhilarating races lined up for the Europe Trail Cup 2024:

  • Pieniny Ultra Trail: 19-21 April, Poland
  • Ultra Trail Vipava Valley: 26-28 April, Slovenia
  • Hg Ultra Trail Idrija: 11 May, Slovenia
  • Ohrid Ultra Trail: 24-26 May, Macedonia
  • Ultra Trail Stara Planina: 25-26 May, Serbia
  • Kočevsko Outdoor Festival: 31 May-2 June, Slovenia
  • Dolomiti Extreme Trail: 7-9 June, Italy
  • Soča Outdoor Festival: 28-30 June, Slovenia
  • Jahorina Ultra Trail: 27-28 July, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • K24 Ultra Trail: 9-11 August, Slovenia
  • Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB: 20-22 September, Slovenia
  • Big Bear’s Ultra: 21-22 September, Slovakia
  • Obala Ultra Trail: 1-3 November, Slovenia

Lace up, embrace the challenge and let the adventure begin!