Even though the race season is currently on hold due to the epidemic, we are still giving you an alternative in the Alpe Adria Trail Cup. We invite you to prepare with us for the times when we can run together again in nature.

Welcome to AATC virtual challenges where you can compensate canceled UTVV Training tours, the promised AATC preparations and, despite all the restrictions, and the canceled UTVV Slovenia 2020, prepare for the next 2 Cup competitions – Soča Outdoor Festival 2020 and Julian Alps Trail Run 2020.

We start on 10 – 12 April and continue until the end of the month. We offer you 3 challenges and a training alternative indoors.

When conducting trainings, you are asked to strictly adhere to safety measures given by authorities. We believe that with your creativity you will be able to discover many undiscovered areas of your place.

If we detect violations of official regulations, we will disqualify the offenders from the list.

Each participant will receive a digital medal / plaque. Participants in the April Virtual Challenge will draw in the special prizes.


Official Sponsors

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6th AATC Virtual Challenge - Julian Alps Trail Run Virtual Race - [22 - 24 May 2020]

Next weekend – 22.-24. May – it’s time for our 6th Alpe Adria Trail Cup virtual challenge, this time we’ll be virtually racing on Julian Alps Trail Run routes.😉

As the conditions do not allow us to hold a mass competition, we’ve put together a virtual competition for you, which you can do alone or with your running friends.

The true Virtual race, where we take the time at a certain distance and the completed minimum of certain vertical meters.

You can compete in 4 different categories:
FunnyTrail – 10 km and 280 v.m.
SpeedTrail – 15 km and 510 v.m.
SkyRace – 30 km, 1520 v.m.
SkyTrail – 65 km, 3420 v.m.

Runners choose the mentioned distance and minimum altitude difference in accordance with covid-19 guidelines ; everyone competing in the “athlete” category must post a Strava or equivalent link of their run, runners, doing the race for fun, post a link to their social profile where they posted the training.

Rules and guidelines:
1. The basic rule and your guiding principle should be honest when presenting your results.
2. You will have 2 options to participate in Challenge #6:
– Trail running for fun (non-racing mode) – run one of the four races and submit proof from social media at check-in.
– Competition – run one of the 4 routes and submit proof from social media (race mode) and enter your time.
3. A challenge is counted when you reach both parameters – distance and ascent.
4. For those who take part in the competition mode, it is advisable to plan the route well in advance to help you find a combination of the intended mileage and ascent (e.g. plan a 1520 m ascent for 30 km).
5. In case you already managed to run 30 km and you have not made enough ascent, continue until you reach 1520 v.m. The same is true in the opposite case – if you reach 1520 m of ascent before you reach 30 km.
6. It is also essential for everyone in the competition section to mark your activity as a race on Strava, because this is the only way to take your breaks into account.
7. It is desirable for the competition section that the start and finish are at approximately the same altitude (approximately equal ascent/descent).
8. Make sure you complete your registration form for both options after you complete the challenge.
9. Results will be announced on Monday after the challenge and you will receive diplomas for the challenges you have completed by e-mail.
10. Go outdoors and have fun on the trails in accordance with covid-19 rules of course :).


General Rules
Each applicant agrees to the general rules of the AATC [Privacy Policy] and states that he / she conducted the training in accordance with applicable law and regulations.

He agrees to be informed of developments in the AATC and Cup matches, UTVV, SOF and JAT in the future and to receive interesting information on trail runs and special offers.

The list of virtual weekend attendees will be published every Monday.

Each participant receives a diploma / plaquet and a picture to share on their social networks.

Rules of participation;

– before applying do one of the prescribed training sessions

– comply with the applicable Covid-19 safety regulations

– during training, take a picture and post it on your social network and send a link to the post / story in the application

– add @alpeadriatrailcup to the post

– training can be done in several parts during the selected weekend

– after training, apply in the form below

– registration is FREE

Prizes - Sponsors

1. Tourism Kranjska Gora
10 x Buff Kranjska Gora

2. KOFLER SPORT sport agency
– bicycle rental for the family
– borrowing of ferrate systems for the family
– ferrying course for 1 person

3. Best Western Hotel Kranjska Gora
– 2 overnights with breakfast for 2 persons in superior room with balcony, use of wellness (swimming pool, sauna) and included parking.
– 2 nights with half board for 2 persons in superior room with balcony, use of wellness (swimming pool, sauna), and included parking.
The voucher is valid until 20.12.2021, with the exception of the terms Planica 2020, Vitranc 2021, Planica 2021 and the new year (28.12.2020-1.1.2021).

4. Spik, Alpine Resort
Alpine Wellness Gift Voucher – private wellness rental for 3 hours / 2 persons (theme rooms / etc.)

5. Hit Alpinea
1 x weekend package for 2 people
10 x bandana

6. Hotel Alpina
5x sauna visit for 2 hours for 1 person valid till 20/04/2021.

7. Villa Triglav
Weekend package (bed and breakfast for two persons for two days)
Validity: 1 year after the award

8. 1x entry fee of UTVV Slovenia

9. 1x Soča Outdoor Festival entry fee

10. 1x entry fee for Julian Alps Trail Run

[6th Weekend]  22 – 24 May 

Virtual Race – Julian Alps Trail Run