Ultra Trail Vipava Valley

7 - 9 May 2021
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Emperor – 160km

Centurion – 100km

Gladiator – 50km

Legionar – 30km

Asterix – 13km

Obelix – hike

Ultra Trail Vipava Valley

7 – 9 May 2021



Ultra Trail Vipava Valley connects the Vipava Valley for the sixth year in a row. In addition to the longest distance Enperor – 160km, runners can also compete in Centurion – 100km, Gladiator – 50km, Legionar – 30km and Asterix – 13km.

The shortest distance (Asterix) is this year’s novelty, designed for every recreational runner out there.
The event is one of the largest in the region and attracts more than 1,000 runners from 30 countries each year.

As the names of the individual races indicate, the red thread of the event is the memory of the famous Roman battle of 394 in the field below Vrhpolje.


Emperor - 160km

Distance: 167km
Elevation: 7000m +/-
Time limit: 46h

UTMB/ITRA: 6 points

Centurion - 100km

Distance: 106km
Elevation: 4870m +/-
Time limit: 35h

UTMB/ITRA: 5 points

Gladiator - 50km

Distance: 51km
Elevation: 2300m +/-
Time limit: 15h

UTMB/ITRA: 3 points

Legionar - 30km

Distance: 32km
Elevation: 1350m +/-
Time limit: No time limit

UTMB/ITRA: 2 points

Asterix - 13km

Distance: 13km
Elevation: 300m +/-
Time limit: No time limit