We are already digging into the second virtual running challenge, which this time will take place on the trails of the

Soca Outdoor Festival

– November 21-29

The rules remain the same, one of the SOF distances must be completed with the height meters as well.
👉 10 – CONTINENTAL TRAIL; 200 +/-
👉 15 – ADIDAS TERREX; 400 m +/-
👉 25 – PURE TRAIL; 700 m +/-
👉 45 – DUKAT FIT; 2100 m 2 +/-
When you finish it, just sign up to our website:
… and the medal will be on its way to you!
Our sponsor

Continental Slovenija

makes sure that the sole of the shoes really holds on every terrain 👟

Please follow the safety measures in your country and of course don’t forget to tag us on social media 😉
🏃‍♂️ We wish you plenty of successful miles and enjoyment, because the weather shows that it will be great.
Your AATC team