Ultra Trail Vipava Valley


Julian Alps Trail Run


Soča Outdoor Festival

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Alpe Adria Trail Cup

Welcome to the Alpe Adria Trail Cup
three races in the most authentic locations in the Alpe Adria region.


Trail to Ultra-Trail distances

Views from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea

Alpe Adria Trail Championship prizes

Enlarging in 2021

Ultra Trail Vipava Valley
7 – 9 May 2021


  • Emperor – 170km – AATC
  • Centurion – 100km – AATC
  • Gladiator – 50km – AATC
  • Legionar – 30km – AATC
  • Asterix – 13km
  • Obelix – hike

Soča Outdoor Festival
2 – 4 July 2021


  • Continental trail – 10km
  • Adidas Terrex – 15km
  • Soča trail – 25km – AATC
  • Dukat Fit – 45km – AATC

Julian Alps Trail Run
25 – 27 September 2020

  • Funny Trail – 10km
  • Speed Trail – 15km
  • Sky Race – 30km – AATC
  • Sky Trail – 65km – AATC
  • Ultra Sky Trail – 100km – AATC
  • Ultra Trail Julian Alps – 170km – AATC


Virtual Challenge

Virtual Challenge Alpe Adria Trail Cup Even though the race season is currently on hold due to the epidemic, we are still giving you an alternative in the Alpe Adria Trail Cup. We invite you to prepare with us for the times when we can run together again in nature....

New trail running league Alpe Adria Trail Cup is established!

Alpe Adria Trail Cup connects the best trail running events in the region of Alpe Adria. It starts in the spring with UTVV Slovenia continuing with Soča Outdoor Festival in July and ends in September in Kranjska Gora with Julian Alps Trail Run. A perfect circle of...